VW Mobility Solutions

Volkswagen has recently unveiled their Inclusive Mobility initiative, and we could not be more excited!  Throughout history vehicles haven’t been the most user-friendly for anyone that is disabled in anyway, and now Volkswagen is taking the next step into making sure anyone can use and drive their vehicles! The initiative was introduced last year in collaboration with the “National Federation of the Blind”, “Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund” and the “National Association for the Deaf”! Volkswagen is not just designing and then taking feedback, they are bringing in people from our communities that have disabilities and getting their input and listening to any ideas they might have. Heavy research efforts have gone into this including a series of expert and user interviews on disabilities related to mobility, vision, hearing and cognition. One of the first goals that the Inclusive Mobility initiative has is to be able to secure wheelchairs safely and have it to where there is a alternate to pedals and a way to accelerate and brake without the use of the lower extremities!

Volkswagen is heading in an excellent direction and really trying to push equality into their ideas and get everyone on board because nobody should be exempt from anything simply due to a physical disability. While this keeps up, here at Larson Volkswagen of Tacoma, we will have your up to date news and everything Volkswagen!