Volkswagen I.D Vizzion

The Geneva Motor Show is looked forward to every year for all the hot new concepts and showcases from the latest of greatest of every brand! The most rent show included the concept for a completely self driving vehicle from Volkswagen called the I.D Vizzion! The Vizzion is a completely self driving vehicle with no steering wheel and is completely electric! Companies are always looking be the flashiest and design forward at the Geneva Motor Show, and exteriorly the Vizzion is quite stunning, the interior though, is a little different. The model showed at Geneva had a beautiful red exterior that was everything you think of when you think modern. The inside however, is not up to those standards. From the photos we have seen, it looks like the carpeting is almost shag like and multi-colored with completely white contoured seats; it leaves much to be desired.   

Currently we have no specs, engine info, or tech info. What we do know is that yes it will drive itself and yes it is electric. Besides that, all we have is speculation on what the finished product is going to look like and how it will perform. This model along with 4 other are being planned and conceptualized right now and it said we will start to see more around 2022 for these futuristic reincarnations, so until then keep up with us here at Larson Volkswagen of Tacoma for all of your news and updates to previous concept pieces!

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