Volkswagen Golf: Designed for Urban Commuters

The Volkswagen Golf is a hatchback that fulfills the dreams of drivers who want great safety features at reasonable prices. Having remarkable safety ratings by national standards, this compact German car is listed for sale by Volkswagen of Tacoma. A standard turbocharged engine also adds lots of value to this affordable five-door model.

If you want the VW Golf to run on a preset speed, simply turn on the Adaptive Cruise Control. Your commute will be a lot smoother than normal thanks to the ACC technology that also keeps a safe distance to other cars that are in front. When it's time to change lanes and take an exit, the Lane Assist will help you avoid trouble from other vehicles. You might get some steering help if you merge into another lane that's heavily occupied by fast-moving cars. Additionally, this intelligent technology compensates for drift and sway on the highway.


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