Volkswagen Car-Net Mobile App

In this golden age of technology and convenience, everyone is vying to have the latest and greatest innovation when it comes to their products. Volkswagen is not disappointing during this time. They have rolled out their Volkswagen Car-Net Mobile App! This app is capable of sending notifications right to you from anywhere to give you helpful reminders about such things as leaving your sunroof open or if you leave your vehicle unlocked. Not only does it send helpful reminders, it also acts as a control center for your VW model where you can control music, mapping and other apps from your dashboard that are downloaded onto your Smartphone. The app also offers enhanced navigation with real time traffic, weather info, sports scores and even more! This new VW app seems to do it all and in this age it is so important to distinguish yourself in this ever growing mobile and online conglomerate and VW is definitely going in the right direction with their different services being rolled out.  With all these features we have yet to talk about all the security and service features that are included in the app. With it you can call for emergency services at anytime from anywhere, set boundaries on speed, curfew, valet alerts and you can set a specific geo-location that will notify your mobile device when your vehicle leaves that certain boundary in case you have kids/teens driving the car and you don’t want them going out of a certain area.  

All in all this app is perfect for any parents of new drivers so they can monitor and make sure good driving habits are being made early, or for people just trying to improve their driving abilities and trying to stay safer! If you own a Volkswagen and want to improve convenience and want the latest and greatest, go and download the app! Available on Android and IOS!

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