Volkswagen I.D R and e-Mobility

The fully electric powerhouse! Although unveiled in 2018 as one of Volkswagen’s racers, it is still a site to behold today! It is said by 2030, Volkswagen will be completely shocking…as in all electric! This racing car was a great way to drum up hype for all electric vehicles with its power and performance under the hood.  Capable of outputting 670HP and going 0-60MPH in 2.2 seconds is quite the feat and really just a taste of what electric vehicles can really do, after all it is said that Volkswagen made the decision to go with this model just to show off abilities that electric vehicles can posses, and they really delivered!  

Thinking about how the I.D R. came in 2018, imagine how advanced electric vehicles will be by 2030 with all the innovation happening every day. We can see that e-mobility cars are becoming all the rage since traditional are such a strain on the environment, and everyone wants to decrease their own carbon footprint. We love the direction that Volkswagen is going in, whether it be introducing clean energy cars, or coming up with vehicles and designs that are for the disable. Volkswagen is listening and we could not be happier to see this shift in user-friendliness. Gone are the days of traditional gasoline vehicles, its all about the e-cars and hybrids! Come check out our inventory of clean cars at Larson Volkswagen of Tacoma. Beautiful new and used vehicles that are great for the environment!