A New Volkswagen Chapter and Logo

It is time for a new era, Volkswagen is coming to slay the competition. With the unveiling of a new Electric Vehicle chapter, Volkswagen has also come with a new logo to reflect this new chapter. Volkswagen has gone from their classic 3D logo with the cerulean coloring and white VW within the circle to a very minimal 2D navy blue background and white VW symbol in a circle. To make sense of this we have to think about what Volkswagen plans to put out within the next 6 years or so. Volkswagen has gone on record to say that by 2025, all Volkswagen models to be released will be all electric, and to celebrate this, they wanted to go very minimalist but also very modern, and the new log was born! Our friends over at Volkswagen have been going over and over this for several years and the plans have finally been set in motion, and we could not be more excited to see it. It’s time to get a hold of our environment and take back our beautiful mother earth. This Logo symbolizes Volkswagen’s new Era in the EV world, and they will take the market by storm! In the meantime, why not come down to Volkswagen of Tacoma and see what we have to offer in the form of Hybrids and EV’s.

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