Stay Educated: What Is A Gasket?

At Volkswagen of Tacoma we want you to be as educated as possible about how your car works. Gaskets are a crucial part of the function of your vehicle.

So what exactly is a gasket?

A gasket is a flat, mechanical seal that creates an impenetrable bond for holding in air and liquids. Typically made out of multi-layered steel, copper, or rubber, it is important that all gaskets are in good condition in your car.

Gasket Failure

Gasket failure can cause anything from a check engine light to your oil or coolant completely draining out and causing engine failure, which is a dangerous situation while driving at highway speeds.

Maintain Your Vehicle For The Health Of Your Gaskets

To keep your car's gaskets in good shape, maintaining the fluids at the right time and level is a key factor.

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