Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Have you ever wondered how a SUV-inspired version of the Golf would look and perform? Well your answer is here and it’s in the form of the Golf Alltrack! It is similar to the T-Roc R that the US is sadly not getting, but we do have word that the Alltrack is coming to our shores! With the Golf lines growing popularity, it was only a matter of time before Volkswagen would start capitalizing on that more and boy are we excited! An SUV-inspired Golf has been rumored for quite some time and the people’s asks have been answered. According to “CarAndDriver” the Alltrack gets an excellent 4.5/5 and enters their list of “10Best” and “Editor’s Choice”. We are going to get into the specs and performance right now!   

The Golf Alltrack has brought the right aspects to this battle of SUV-inspired vehicles such as standard all-wheel drive, raised ground clearance and black-plastic armor around the wheels and body for more rugged off-road inspiration. The Alltrack was introduced as a response to the Subaru Outback and in the case between the two; the Alltrack takes the cake and is more pleasant to drive.

A slew of driver assist features come standard in the Alltrack including automatic emergency brake, forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring and much more! Also included in the Alltrack is a punchy V-4 capable of outputting a 170 horsepower and 199lb-ft of torque. It can accelerate 0-60MPH in 7.5 seconds also!

The Golf Alltrack is available now right here at your friendly neighborhood Volkswagen of Tacoma! Come and see what #GenuineGerman is all about! We cannot wait to get you into a great new Volkswagen for a great price!