We Have Moved!

Since 1992, Volkswagen of Tacoma has been going strong in the Larson Family. Larson Volkswagen of Tacoma opened its doors at 7030 South Tacoma Way all those years ago, and has since moved locations to fit the needs of our consumers. Well the last few months have been quite hectic because…we moved back! We started doing renovations on our old stomping grounds to bring you the latest and greatest that Volkswagen of Tacoma has to offer! We knew we had to go bigger and better than ever to support our ever growing base of amazing customers. Its like when starting a family, eventually you will need more space to accommodate that family, and that’s exactly what went through our head when choosing to renovate and move, and we needed more space to accommodate our big family! We wanted to go back to our roots for our big move and honor our Volkswagen start!926 × 599

As I mentioned above we are back again at 7030 South Tacoma Way, where we started! We are so excited to finally be operating out of this location again. Come see all the renovations and beauty of our brand new showroom, and I am sure you will not be disappointed. While you are there, feel free to test out some new models, and maybe look into getting a new Volkswagen? The options are endless at the all new Volkswagen of Tacoma!