Volkswagen Atlas vs Chevy Tahoe

Volkswagen, throughout the years, has been known for the reliability of their vehicles and the very nice price point for quality in their models!  Today we have 2 SUV’s to compare and contrast; the Volkswagen Atlas and the Chevrolet Tahoe. We have had the Tahoe for so many years, since 1995 to be exact, and it’s been a steady vehicle since, but there hasn’t been enough innovation for our tastes. The SUV market is huge today and it’s time for brands to step up their game if they don’t want to be shut out behind the competition. Knowing that, Volkswagen is here to take the cake.613 × 200

Right off the bat, the Tahoe is bulky and I mean really bulky. It is similar to the Escalade or Suburban. The fact that the Tahoe is bigger is going to make it inherently harder to drive than say the Atlas that is shorter than and not as wide as the Tahoe! Unfortunately the Tahoe does not have standard automatic post-collision braking like the Atlas does so in the situation of an accident, you will have a tougher time in the Tahoe. Not only does the Atlas have the post-collision braking, it also comes standard with Maneuver braking which triggers with the help of rear monitors in the unlikely situation that the Atlas starts rolling back while you are working, the maneuver braking system will stop the vehicle entirely and not let it go over you. According to Asbury Automotive Group, 200 people are killed every year because of rollover and Volkswagen has nipped that in the bud completely! So far Volkswagen has absolutely taken the upper hand when it comes to more standard tech and safety features, so let’s talk about some warranty info.  We are going to start with basic warranties. The Atlas comes with a basic 6 year/72,000 miles which is exactly double what the Tahoe’s warranty is. The corrosion warranty is also much more substantial on the Atlas with 10 year/unlimited miles while the Tahoe offers 6 years/100,000 miles for their warranty.  I’m not sure that I really need to say much more for you to see who really comes out superior from this exhibition!

You guessed it; the Volkswagen Atlas pulls ahead by a mile at least. You can’t go wrong with all the standard safety features and warranty that comes with the Atlas. If you are looking for a great SUV for an even greater price than look no further! Start with Volkswagen of Tacoma and you won’t have to shop anywhere else. Sales, service, and parts are our specialties! Come see us today!