Volkswagen Golf R vs Honda Civic Type-R

Hatchbacks are coming back bigger and better every year. I don’t think hatchbacks and have been more popular as they are today because they are so practical. Hatchbacks tend to have more cargo space ad great interior head and leg room. They are consistently comfortable for drivers and riders and often give great performance. Today we are talking about two huge brands with two of the most recognizable hatchbacks to date. The Volkswagen Golf R and the Honda Civic Type R will be going head to head in a fight to see what hatchback comes out as a winner.  

The level of performance in both of these models is immaculate. Both vehicles come outfitted with a turbocharged and intercooled 16-valve inline-4 that is capable of outputting some amazing numbers. 288-hp and 280lb-ft of torque in the Golf and the Civic R having a tiny bit more in each category but doesn’t drive as smooth and the Golf and is not as refined in its performance like the Golf. The Golf covers ground just as good as the Civic and it’s just as quick when going in a straight line. Not to mention the advantage of the Golf’s standard AWD compared to the Civic’s FWD. The interior tell a completely different story to what we have heard so far. The two models have a lot in common when it comes to performance and engine output, but once we enter the vehicle we can see just how these different aesthetics work for their vehicles respectively. The Civic takes its tweaked logo and translates that into the interior. The tweaked logo is the regular Honda logo, but filled in with red. This is exactly what they did on the inside with red accents and trim stitched into the doors and dash. Red is also mixed into the black suede seats and red subtleties on the steering wheel. It is a barrage of red but Honda makes it look right, at no point does it seem to be too much. It’s a modern take on the classic vehicle interior. Now for the Golf’s interior, we have a sense of class and brilliance that often comes with German models. The Germans know how to make cars and they know how to manufacture an interior. Volkswagen brings the black and white excellence. The simplicity of the black seats and black dash come together to make a seamless experience for the eyes.  

If you got this far, you already know that the Volkswagen Golf R is our pick between the two. Evidence based on performance and engine output put this model ahead of the Civic Type-R. Interior tastes differ person to person so maybe the red barrage interior on the Honda is for you, but we will stick with the class of the Golf! Speaking of the Golf, we have all different kinds of the Golf at Volkswagen of Tacoma; we have something to match you whether you need a car for the family or a new toy to have some fun in! We have you covered here at Volkswagen of Tacoma, come see us today!