We write today on behalf of our Tacoma, WA Service experts. When you receive professional alignment service at Volkswagen of Tacoma, you extend your tires' lifespans. Your tires can't thank you, but your bank account might. Here are some details about our service.

We commence each alignment session on our alignment tester. It tells us whether your vehicle has any caster, camber or toe issues. Caster relates to your rear wheels' capacity to travel directly behind your front wheels. Camber measures each tire's ability to form a 90-degree angle versus the road's surface. Toe tells us when a tire points slightly left or right instead of straight.

With these issues precisely evaluated, we will share our recommendations and related costs with you. We'll make any adjustments you approve. After a completed alignment session, you can confidently drive 10,000 miles or 12 months before your next adjustment. Those miles will be smoother, too.

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