Volkswagen Arteon vs Nissan Maxima

Volkswagen has been around since 1937 and in those long years they have continued to release beautiful and reliable cars! Today we will be talking about one of the amazing models that has entered Volkswagen’s lineage most recently. The sporty and stylish Volkswagen Arteon. She is finally here and we are excited to see where it goes in the future! Today it will be going up against a model that’s been around since 1984, which is almost 40 years, the Nissan Maxima. As everyone knows, the Maxima is one of the staples of the Nissan brand. Does our…

Volkswagen Golf GTI

In the long lineage of the iconic Golf, we have gotten so many great spins on the original such as the Golf R and the Golf Alltrack. Today we will be talking about another such model known as the wonderful Golf GTI! I am very excited to get into this one today because it will be a fun one. The Golf GTI handles like a dream and is an absolute thrill to drive! It adorns high quality materials and plenty of cargo space! We are going to get into all the tricks and treats this vehicle holds inside. Keep on…

Volkswagen Stopping Natural-Gas Vehicle Development

We have all known about the ID Series for quite some time now and it is very exciting to see all the new ideas and concepts that are coming to that lineup but something was revealed recently that is making people go “whoa”. You are reading this right; Volkswagen is completely stopping the development of any natural-gas fueled vehicles. So what this means is that we will not see any gas fueled cars from Volkswagen, theoretically, ever again. I say theoretically just due to the fact that nobody knows what the future holds exactly, buy this is a time to…

Volkswagen E-Golf

Over 6 years ago we saw the release of Volkswagen’s second ever battery electric vehicle (B.E.V as Volkswagen likes to put it) the E-Golf! The Volkswagen Golf has been a huge success ever since it came into existence in 1974 and as of June 2013 the Volkswagen has produced over 33 million units! When 2014 came, Volkswagen decided to make some adjustments and make it completely electric which we (of course) love to see! We are going to get down to the nitty gritty and give you some great reasons why you may want to go green…

Learn About What Makes a Vehicle Dog Friendly

At Volkswagen of Tacoma, we feel as if it is our duty to inform you of what makes a vehicle dog-friendly. For starters, one feature that is almost necessary while driving with a dog in your vehicle is climate control in the back seat. Having this feature will help keep your dog warm in the winter months and breathing cool air on the hot summer days.

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Volkswagen Tiguan vs Nissan Rogue

It’s that time again folk, another battle of the brands is here and it is between our very own Volkswagen Tiguan against the well known Nissan Rogue. Volkswagen and Nissan have been in the game for a very long time now and with every new release the level of technology and comfort will continue to increase as well as dependability and reliability. We are going to get into it right now, so keep on reading!264 × 200 it!

The Volkswagen Arteon - Check Out its Stylish Design

The Volkswagen Arteon here at Volkswagen of Tacoma is an all-new fastback that is loaded with benefits, which is why it's so popular among consumers. From its plethora of features to its contemporary and functional design, the Arteon stands among the best fastbacks on the market.

The design of the Arteon has a smooth roofline that tilts downward and blends well with the back for a sleek look. The Hands-Free Open Trunk provides you with convenience. This feature enables you to open the liftgate by moving your foot beneath the rear bumper and having the key fob at your…


Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Have you ever wondered how a SUV-inspired version of the Golf would look and perform? Well your answer is here and it’s in the form of the Golf Alltrack! With the Golf lines growing popularity, it was only a matter of time before Volkswagen would start capitalizing on that more and boy are we excited! An SUV-inspired Golf has been rumored for quite some time and the people’s asks have been answered. 
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Volkswagen Passat vs Ford Fusion

We have a good old fashion battle between two giants in the automotive industry. German made Volkswagen versus America’s own; Ford. The questions is often asked “which countries automotive engineering comes out on top”, well we can’t say for certain, but I think you will see within the next paragraph who we think is the victor between the two!1410 × 460

Volkswagen Golf MK8

Back in October 2019, we saw the first of the all new generation of the Volkswagen Golf, and we got more than we could have asked for! This new generation comes to us as a breath of fresh air for the Golf family and is going by the name Golf MK8 which stands for Golf Mark 8 or generation 8! The 8th generation Golf with an evolved look, numerous powertrain options and a plethora of all new tech. The difference between the two generations is clear to see by the styling of the front end. 
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