Volkswagen Taos

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A lot of changes have come to Volkswagen, and with the recent release of the all new VW compact SUV, this is just one example of these exciting updates. The SUV will be quite small compared to the other SUV models, but it will be just as effective and efficient! This is the first that we are seeing of the Taos concept, and it is set to make its official launch later in the fall season. Keep up to date with us here at Volkswagen of Tacoma, located in the heart of Tacoma just miles from Seattle, Bremerton, and Olympia…
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Volkswagen ID.4 SUV

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Volkswagen’s COO, Ralf Brandstatter says that it’s time to do something about climate change, and VW is all for it! So, help us here at Larson Volkswagen of Tacoma welcome the new generation of Volkswagen.There has never been a better reason to buy Volkswagen! So come on down to our dealership on South Tacoma Way, in Tacoma, WA. We want to see people from all over the Pacific Northwest; we are only miles from major cities like Seattle, Bellevue, Olympia, Puyallup, and even Portland, OR.
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Tiguan vs. Escape

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If an SUV crossover is what you are looking for, stop by Volkswagen of Tacoma for endless options. Crossovers have become a hit in the auto industry and Volkswagen made it their mission to offer the best of the best.Take a closer look with us at Volkswagen of Tacoma. Whether near or far, Tacoma sits at the hub of Seattle-Tacoma, Puyallup, and Olympia where it is easy access to our great daily deals!
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Atlas on Site

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Here is an example of what to expect from the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas. In an earlier blog  we went into depth describing what to expect in the new Volkswagen Atlas. At our dealerships we have a wide variety of Atlas’s and this exact vehicle shows exactly why we love this vehicle so much. The new 2021 Volkswagen Atlas 2.0T S 4Motion SUV that we have on our Volkswagen of Tacoma lot is worth taking the time to check out. Give us a call or visit our dealership in Tacoma, WA. Your friendly neighborhood Volkswagen dealership because that’s…
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The Volkswagen Jetta: Catch a Glimpse of its Design

If you're interested in the Volkswagen Jetta, we can tell you more about this premier compact sedan at Volkswagen of Tacoma. The Jetta is one of the most popular vehicles in its class because it's loaded with features and has a trendy and capable design.

The interior of the Jetta was designed with comfort in mind. You can stay cool on hot summer days with the available ventilated front seats, and the two-tone V-Tex leatherette seats offer comfort and style. You can also choose from 10 available ambient lighting options in the cabin.


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2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI

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When searching for a new car, we all look for something reasonable when it comes to affordability and reliance. Well, Volkswagen has done just that. The new 2021 VW Golf GTI has all the necessities that we are looking for. The Golf has spectacularly taken the world by storm when it hit the streets in 1974 followed by the GTI in 1976. After decades of the Volkswagen Golf, this will be the last model year for this generation. VW will then introduce a new Golf concept in 2022!  Skip the hassle; make us Volkswagen of Tacoma your first stop because…
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2020 Volkswagen Tiguan

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While you’re in the search of an updated SUV for you and the family, think about making your way to Volkswagen of Tacoma for a hot new vehicle that is taking the auto industry by storm. The Volkswagen Tiguan has come a long way since it first made its way to our dealerships back in 2007. We have seen a significant remodel from its body to the technology systems.Our Tacoma dealership is conveniently located just miles from major cities like Seattle, Gig Harbor, and Olympia where we are capable to carry out all of your Volkswagen need; it…
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2021 Volkswagen Arteon

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It wasn’t too long ago that us here at Volkswagen of Tacoma were celebrating the arrival of the all new 2020 Volkswagen Arteon but now, we are even more excited for the launch of the 2021 Arteon. Volkswagen set high hopes for the Arteon, so why not add some more great features to an already great vehicle! Safety was greatly taken into consideration as these models hit the factories. We have seen numerous new additions to insure drivers they are in good hands.the basic safety features have gotten a complete facelift. Volkswagen has truly adapted to taking sure…
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2021 Volkswagen Jetta

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Volkswagen has brought a new meaning to classic with the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta. As it seems, the 2021 Jetta has swept the world just as it did for the first time in 1979. A very promising example of what you can look forward to in the new Volkswagen. So, if you’re in the Tacoma area, swing by Volkswagen of Tacoma to join the world in admiration. There is no better Volkswagen dealership near you; as we are located in the ideal location between Seattle, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Olympia, and Portland, OR. 
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2021 Volkswagen Atlas

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Volkswagen of Tacoma is so happy to introduce the 2021 VW Atlas. Bigger and better than ever, this year’s Atlas did not come to play. Volkswagen has redesigned their concepts for a new and refreshing look. After so much time, the 2021 Atlas has pristine details and a rigid silhouette that will take your breath away. If you are in search of an SUV that is suitable for any uphill battle, then the Atlas is the way to go. Simplicity is what Volkswagen is going for with the 2021 Atlas. 
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